RubyKaigi 2019 で聞いたセッションメモ

Apr. 18

The Year of Concurrency

Ruby 3 Progress Report

Terminal Editors For Ruby Core Toolchain

Pragmatic Monadic Programing in Ruby

Ruby for NLP

RMagick, migrate to ImageMagick 7

Pattern matching - New feature in Ruby 2.7

Apr. 19

All bugfixes are incompatibilities

Better CSV processing with Ruby 2.6

Ovto: Frontend web framework for Rubyists

The fastest way to bootstrap Ruby on Rails

What is Domain Specific Language?

Lightning Talks

Apr. 20

Ruby Committers vs the World

Cleaning up a huge ruby application

Best practices in web API client development

The future of the Bundled Bundler with RubyGems

Timezone API

Timezone API - RubyKaigi 2019

The send-pop optimisation

Optimization Techniques Used by the Benchmark Winners